How to add license key protection in Blogger

License key protection Hello everyone welcome to Shiva Technic World! nowadays many people cloning templates and you want to protect your template using license key protection? Then this tutorial is for you, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to add license key protection in Blogger, So without wasting any time let's check how to add it!

How to add license key protection?

Before doing these steps we recommend you to take a backup of your template, By chance if any mistake has been done you can restore it later!

  • First, go to your Blogger dashboard 
  • Then click on the Theme option
  • Then click on the drop-down icon near Customize option
  • Then click on the Edit HTML option from the drop-down menu
  • Make sure you installed jQuery in your Blogger theme if not then add this jQuery just above </head>
  • <script src =''/>
  • Now find </body> and paste this JS just above it

We recommend you put this script under another script by removing <script>/*<![CDATA[*/ /*]]>*/</script> tags from this js and encrypt it!

<script>/*<![CDATA[*/$('a#password_here').attr('href', 'url_here').text('password_here').attr('style', 'visibility:visible!important;opacity:1!important;position:relative!important;z-index:1!important;font-size:14px!important;color:#fff!important;');
setInterval(function () {
    if (!$('#password_here').length) {
        window.location.href = 'url_here'
}, 1000)/*]]>*/</script>

Change highlighted password_here text with your random password and url_here with your link for redirect when license key is wrong!

  • Now add this HTML code below </header> or above any <b:section> to add the license widget in Blogger Layout
<b:section class='license' id='widget-license' name=' ' showaddelement='false'>
        <b:widget id='HTML15' locked='true' title='License' type='HTML' version='2' visible='true'>
            <b:widget-setting name='content'><![CDATA[<div id='password_here'/></div>]]></b:widget-setting>
          <b:includable id='main'>
          <span><a href='url_here'/><data:content/></span>  

Change highlighted password_here text with your random password otherwise it will redirect to the link that you added and url_here with your link for redirect when the license key is wrong!

  • Then Save HTML

How does it work?

It works with the ID method that was used to give non-removal footer credits but with another method, we used to create license protection in Blogger. You can add the license key from the Blogger layout so users no need to edit HTML for adding the license key.


Hope this  How to add license key protection in Blogger article will be useful to you, If you have any doubts related to this article ask me in a comment. Do share with your friends. Thanks for visiting, Have a nice day!

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