Lantro UI - Responsive, Optimized & Fast loading template for Blogger

₹259 premium and ₹159 standard
NameLantro UI
AvailableStandard and Premium
DeveloperSTW Team
Dark modeYes
jQueryYes (Pre), No (Sta)
SEO OptimizedYes
Ads friendlyYes
Lazy loadYes
Fast loadYes
Special FeaturesYes
Want to see how it looks? 
Lantro UI is a beautiful and attractive Blogger template with many features that were SEO optimised, good performance, Ads friendly, Mobile friendly, modern design and much more. The template tries to give you regular updates with bug fixes. This template was best for tech websites, food websites, tutorial websites and many more.
  • Fast loading
  • Fully optimized
  • Meta tags
  • Cookies consent
  • Preloader
  • Anti Ad-Blocker
  • Article rating
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Easy to customize
  • Ads friendly
Currently, Lantro UI does not have the free version, but you only want to pay onetime then you get free updates forever. And please check the demo of Lantro UI properly because we do not refund and you can only use this template personally, reselling was strictly prohibited.
Rs 299
  1. Lantro UI
  2. Some features included
  3. Unlimited domains
  4. Full Support RTL Mode
  5. 15 days support
  6. Free updates forever
Rs 499
  1. Lantro UI
  2. Lantro UI Lite
  3. Lantro UI LP
  4. All features included
  5. Unlimited domains
  6. Full Support RTL Mode
  7. 15 days support
  8. Free updates forever

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Hi, I am Shiva I am a student I like to learn new things and share them with others.


  1. Nice One ♥️♥️♥️
    1. Thanks!
  2. Bhai sahab price kuch jyada hi nahi ho gaya
    1. How much want to decrease?
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